Friday, February 29, 2008

New talent joins Fireside line-up

By Maria Sullivan
Cardinal Staff

The sisters of Sigma Alpha Iota hosted the fourth annual Fireside, which for the first time ever, held campus-wide auditions.

Fireside is an event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. It was organized this year by SAI seniors Brookly Heffernan and Nicole Schroeder.
These ladies, along with the help of the SAI sisters, the Phi Mu Alpha brothers, Women’s Programming and Chartwells, worked extremely hard to develop a relaxed, coffee-house environment. It was a nice experience, and it was nice to see students who took part in Fireside performing an excellent variety of songs from numerous genres.

Seniors Moreen Bosch and Lindsay Johnson were the emcees for the show. Bosch and Johnson were very energetic and entertaining to watch. They always had something new to talk about between each act.

The talent that was showcased in this year’s Fireside was very impressive. Senior Daniel Karnick played a song on the piano that he wrote himself. It was a beautiful performance that made me want to learn piano, so I could play just as well. Junior Megan Harrington sang and played a song on the piano that she wrote herself and it was dedicated to her boyfriend. The meaning behind the song was sweet and well done.

Seniors Ryan Anderson and Jon Pace sang a song called “Minnesota Pride,” which had them both playing guitars and Pace playing the harmonica. Everyone in the audience knew that this act was going to be good, even before they started singing, just by what they were wearing. Anderson and Pace walked out on stage wearing overalls and hats with toothpicks in their mouths. It was a funny act, and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Bosch and senior Erin Hendricks sang a song called “Tell Him,” which was funny because they did impressions of the well-known divas Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. They knew the diva mannerisms very well. This act closed up the show, and I personally felt it was an excellent choice of song.

Junior Michael Fye, who was a part of this year’s Fireside, said, “As a whole I thought it was a very strong show. I liked how SAI opened Fireside auditions up to the whole campus. I thought the acts were very impressive.” Fye said that he thought the act with seniors Nina Giunta, Kristina Perkins, Bosch, Rob Brewer, Rick McCoy, and Neil Olstad performing the song “The Way I Am” was one of the best in the show.

Senior SAI sister Mackenzie Sondalle said, “This year’s Fireside was a good start for being the first year of opening auditions to the whole campus. It was a good change to the atmosphere.” Sondalle felt that Fireside was a complete success.

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