Friday, December 10, 2010


Professor speaks on concussions at Mayo Clinic

By Jake Schild

News Editor

A Saint Mary’s University psychology professor impressed many neurological doctors and scientists with a speech at the Mayo Clinic proposing a new way to better diagnose and learn more about cognitive impairments caused by concussions.

Professor Jeff Amundson’s presentation on the “Eyeblink Conditioning Paradigm,” showcased a new way to figure out what kind of effects concussions can have on high-contact sports athletes. It works very much like Pavlov’s experiment with the dog and salivation.

Dr. Amundson resigns

By Lauren Rothering

Editor on Chief

Over Thanksgiving break, Dr. Jeff Amundson, assistant professor of psychology, resigned suddenly.

"Dr. Amundson resigned his position to pursue other opportunities and we wish him well," said Dr. Marilyn Frost, vice president for academic affairs.

According to Frost, Amundson's current classes have been taken over by other psychology department faculty, who have "worked to develop a completion plan that is clear and fair for students."

Bethlehem student shares story of detainment

By Karol Ibarra

Cardinal Staff

On Dec. 1, A student from Bethlehem University in Israel shared her story with the Saint Mary’s University community about the struggle she had to overcome in order to finish her degree, with aim to inspire and raise awareness about the current situation in Israel and Palestine.

The speaker, Berlanty Azza, is a young Palestinian woman from the Gaza strip, who had been attending Bethlehem University in the West Bank. In October 2009, just two months away from finishing her bachelor’s degree at Bethlehem, Azzam was forcibly transferred to Gaza by the Israeli military. According to Azzam, she was detained and forcibly transferred was because her identification card was from Gaza. This is because, as a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, she is not allowed into Israel, which is where Bethlehem is located.

Counselor warns against alcohol abuse

By Alexa Wallick

Cardinal Staff

Students need to be aware of alcohol trends on the Saint Mary’s University campus in order to help prevent alcohol abuse, said Jason Flanders, chemical dependency counselor, in a speech to psychology classes on Nov. 10.

“We’re not going to eradicate [alcohol abuse]” Flanders said, “but we’ll do what we can to make an impact.” Flanders, alcohol and other drugs education coordinator and counselor at SMU, stressed the importance of the impact alcohol use can have on campus through the students’ perception of the issue.

Feature: Giving and Giving Back

Habitat for Humanity to work in Manistique

By Emma Stenzel

Cardinal Staff

Students of Saint Mary’s University’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity will be working in Manistique, Mich., during the last week of Christmas recess from Jan. 9-15.

Maddie Kettner, Habitat for Humanity executive board member, said that 19 SMU students and their faculty advisor, Lance Thompson, will help remodel and build the HiawathaLand Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Center. Once completed, the center will house families who hope to volunteer in the Manistique area, said Kettner.

Santa, what's the perfect gift?

By Emilie Olsen

Cardinal Staff

Christmas is just around the corner and there is one thing on everyone’s mind: what is the perfect gift? Whether it’s for parents, roommates or yourself, almost everyone is searching for gift ideas this season.

So what’s on your list this year?

Relay for Life kick-off

By Meg Beerling

Cardinal Staff

This year, SMU’s Relay For Life started Tuesday Dec. 7 with a kick-off fundraising event, where participants made various holiday items for cancer patients at the Hope Lodge treatment center.

All proceeds from Relay For Life fundraising events are given to the Hope Lodge, said Kristina Empenger, co-president of SMU’s Relay For Life committee.

Gifts for Winona spreads holiday cheer

By Rebekah Hoeger

Cardinal Staff

With Christmas approaching quickly, students at Saint Mary’s University are studying diligently to finish the semester while parents are preparing for their kids to come home. Some families, though, are more worried about finding affordable presents for their loved ones to enjoy.

Arts and Entertainment

Eisenhower Dance Ensemble to perform

By Emily Dee

Cardinal Staff

The Eisenhower Dance Ensemble (EDE) will be performing at Saint Mary’s University next semester, according to Laurie Eisenhower, founder and artistic director of the company.

EDE, named after Eisenhower, was founded in 1991 in the metropolitan area of Detroit, Mich. Currently, Eisenhower said the company’s home base is in Rochester, Mich.

Student art exhibition opens

By Jessica LaCanne

Arts and Entertainment Editor

The opening reception for the Saint Mary’s University Undergraduate Art Exhibition revealed Ashley Blum’s first place assemblage piece, titled “Honey Is the Milk of Life.”

Blum, winning $100 for first place, was not the only person to be recognized at the show. Stephanie Binot won second place and $75 for her untitled watercolor piece. Rachel Sievers won third place and $50 for her photograph titled “Autumn 360.”

Blum, a junior at SMU majoring in graphic design and studio art, said she initially was trying to make a full body cast, but it didn’t work. Blum then decided her cast, made of paper towel and wheat paste, looked more like a beehive.

More than music at Open Mic Night

By Alexa Wallick

Cardinal Staff

Pat Howard kept the crowd bent over in laughter with his impressive stand-up performance at Saint Mary’s University “Open Mic Night” on Nov. 18.

“I love being up there,” Howard said, “I really love to make people laugh. It’s one of my favorite things to do.” Howard has performed his comedy routine four times since April 2010. Even though he started performing just recently, he plans on doing more comedy performances in the future.

Choir prepares for 'Lessons and Carols'

By Trisha Stachowski

Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s University annual choir performance, “Lessons and Carols,” will be held on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Chapel of Saint Mary of the Angels.


Live video added to athletics website

By Nick Bravos

Cardinal Staff

This semester, the Cardinal athletics website added The Fan Zone, an opportunity for fans to view their favorite SMU teams over a live video stream.

This new feature currently includes volleyball, basketball and hockey games. Outdoor sports are being considered for video capabilities, but still remain as radio play-by-play commentary.

Column: What happened to the crowds?

By Alex Conover

Sports Editor

I spoke to an alumnus recently who remarked that when she went to Saint Mary’s in the early seventies, you couldn’t find a seat at the sporting events because it was so crowded. The school pulled out both sides of the bleachers for basketball games, and still filled every spot. The hockey arena was filled with chanting fans sporting their “Blue Line Club” sweatshirts. What happened?

Letters and Editorials

Letter to the Editor

By Steve Schild

Associate Professor of Social Science

Sometimes it’s wrong to do even what you have a right to do.

That’s what happened with the last issue of the Cardinal. SMU administrators took a story written by Editor Lauren Rothering, changed it, and, despite her objection, left her little alternative but to run the revised story rather than the original.

It’s doubtless legal, based on precedent that lets administrators censor school newspapers. Administration routinely checks the Cardinal before it’s printed; in that sense, this episode is no different.

Editorial: can happen here

By Lauren Rothering

Editor in Chief

Last month, you may have noticed an unusual by-line for an article about student housing on the second page of the Cardinal: “By Cardinal Staff and SMU News Service.”

Seem strange? It is. In fact, to my memory, there has never been a by-line not by a specifically-named editor, staff writer or guest writer in the history of the Cardinal.

So what happened? The article in question was completely re-written by members of the university administration at approximately 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16 —a few hours before our Wednesday deadline.