Friday, December 10, 2010


Live video added to athletics website

By Nick Bravos

Cardinal Staff

This semester, the Cardinal athletics website added The Fan Zone, an opportunity for fans to view their favorite SMU teams over a live video stream.

This new feature currently includes volleyball, basketball and hockey games. Outdoor sports are being considered for video capabilities, but still remain as radio play-by-play commentary.

Six years ago, SMU sports initiated radio play-by-play with dual commentators; it usually involves the voice of SMU mass communications professor Dean Beckman alongside any willing students.

“It’s a great tool,” Beckman said, “and we’re always looking for people to help comment on play-by-play.”

This fall’s successful volleyball season enjoyed a consistent 80 viewers per game. “To me it’s a huge success,” said Donny Nadeau, SMU sports information director. “Everything is evolving, people love video and we want people to have access to our athletics.”

Although The Fan Zone only offers home games experiences, pre-game e-mails by Nadeau will show links to away games where opposing universities have similar video and commentary broadcasts.

In that same fashion, The Fan Zone gives any off-campus fan a way to root for their team. “It’s great for parents to follow their kids while they compete,” Nadeau said. He also added that coaches can use to The Fan Zone to recruit prospective students from out of state who would like see what SMU athletics are all about.

With the accessibility of watching SMU sports line online, “I don’t think it will deter any one on campus from the atmosphere of a home game,” Nadeau said. “It’s just another way for people to view SMU athletics.”

To check out the video stream, please visit

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