Thursday, November 18, 2010

SMU considers language requirement

By Emma Stenzel
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s University’s General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) is currently researching the possibility of incorporating a language requirement into the school’s general education curriculum.

Dr. Roger Kugel, chair of the Chemistry Department, initially proposed that GECC look into the addition of a language requirement at a faculty meeting in August.

The faculty approved his proposal, and GECC began its process of researching a language requirement early in September.

SMU evaluates student housing

By Cardinal Staff and SMU News Service

Last May, the Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees asked university administration for a report on the state of campus residence halls. At the same meeting, the board’s Finance and Facilities Committee and University Students and Admissions Committee toured existing residence halls to evaluate current living conditions and capacity.

The board’s interest in residence halls was prompted by its ongoing discussions about university recruiting, retention and quality of student life.

Future of 'Safe Ride' could be in jeopardy

By Lauren Rothering
Editor in Chief

Saint Mary’s University’s participation in “Safe Ride,” which offers free bus service to SMU students on weekends, is under scrutiny because of the belligerence of some SMU students, according to Andrea Essar, director of campus safety.

Essar recently received a call from the city, which operates the bus service, saying that many of their drivers were “ready to quit” because of the belligerence of some SMU students who use the service. Students are becoming belligerent when bus drivers will not heed their request to be dropped off at multiple locations.

Seminar teaches students Chinese language and culture

By Emily Dee
Cardinal Staff

An introduction to Chinese language and culture seminar is being offered to students at Saint Mary’s University who showed an interest in learning conversational Chinese, according to Jim Bedtke, vice president of the college.

Bedtke said the idea came after hearing inquiries from interested students in the past. He then discussed the details of implementing the idea with Dr. Elizabeth Throop, dean of the School of the Humanities and Sciences.

Local and state governments see change from elections

By Emilie Olsen
Cardinal Staff

On Nov. 2, some Saint Mary’s University students participated in local and state elections.

Minnesota’s governor race has led to a recount. Democrat Mark Dayton had 45.64 percent of the vote in Winona County, to republican Tom Emmer’s 43.85 percent, within the margin of error. Percentages were even closer statewide, where Emmer gained 43.21 percent and Dayton received 43.63 percent of the vote. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is willing to extend his term if the recount continues until 2011, as he contemplates running for U.S. president in 2012.

Bringing 'Peace and Justice' to Georgia

By Connie Budin
Distribution Manager

On the weekend of Nov. 19-21, the Saint Mary’s University Peace and Justice Club will be traveling to Fort Benning, Ga., to participate in an annual demonstration.

Each year, leaders of P&J travel to the base called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), formerly known as the School of the Americas. WHISC is a military base for Latino soldiers. The program started in Panama in the 1980s, and is now located in Georgia. WHISC soldiers are trained in democratic principles and peacekeeping and are given higher education. This two-year program aims to instill these individuals with qualities they can take back to their home country to help initiate good relationships and stability, said trip leader Robby McGuire.

Annual Walk of Horror a success for softball team

By Jake Schild
News Editor

The 14th annual “Walk of Horror,” put on by the Saint Mary’s University fast pitch softball team Oct. 22-23 and 29-31, was a success this year, hosting around 1,000 visitors.

The Walk, which is a fundraiser for the SMU softball team and its traveling expenses, cost $5 for adults and $4 for students with an ID or small children. The money raised will be used to support the team’s trip to Tucson, Ariz., for a tournament taking place over spring break.

The Walk started in the lighted area between the baseball and softball fields on the SMU campus and then takes participants into the bluffs for about 20 minutes. During the walk, players on the softball team scare walkers by playing out various horror scenes.

According to Jen Miller, SMU softball coach, the event is fun for all ages. However, Miller also said that the scare level is toned down for younger children.

Brother William calls students to be leaders of university

By Jenna Capelle
Feature Editor

The president of Saint Mary’s University holds a significant role of leadership that makes an impact in the lives of many.

Brother William Mann, FSC, has been the president of SMU since June 1, 2008. Before joining the SMU community, Brother William was the vicar general, holding the second-highest position of the Christian Brothers. Every day he is active with conferences, meetings and events on behalf of the university. Brother William works with the trustees to ensure that the mission and vision of the university is implemented. Although his schedule is busy, he makes an effort to interact and visit with students.

Leadership experience helps students grow

By Jenna Capelle
Feature Editor

With 15 years of experience at Saint Mary’s University, Dr. Thomas Marpe has advice for students looking for leadership success.

Marpe is the chair of the business department and dean of the School of Business at SMU. During his nine years as the business department chair, Marpe has accumulated a number of responsibilities. His main responsibility is taking care of the administrative work like course registration, finishing paperwork and answering human resource questions, said Marpe.

When the pressure is on, student athletes lead the way

By Sarah McDonough
Co-Managing and Advertising Editor

With the number of students attending SMU sporting events on the rise, it is no surprise that student athletes want to perform to the best of their abilities and continue to please fans. But who does the motivating off the court, away from the ice, and out of the pool when it’s needed most? At the end of the day, this responsibility rests on the shoulders of the team captain.

The title of captain alone exudes the feeling of being well-liked by teammates, but what are the other qualities needed to help bring out the best in a team?

SMU Dance Team sees highest numbers in club history

By Meg Beerling
Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s University Dance Team is working hard preparing for performances and competitions, and this year has the most members it has had in the history of the club, according to senior co-captain Abby Ayotte.

The combination performance and competition dance team has 18 dancers this season, according to Ayotte. She speculates the high numbers could be due to the recent addition of the dance minor at SMU. According to Ayotte, she will be the second person from SMU to graduate with a dance minor.

Blue Angel a success

By Alexa Wallick
Cardinal Staff

Once again, Phi Mu Alpha’s Blue Angel, which took place on Nov. 5 and 6, was a success. All of the talented performers did a fabulous job of singing, playing instruments and putting on a great show for the students, faculty and staff of Saint Mary’s University. Performances ranged from popular 1990s hits to original songs.

Phi Mu Alpha and supporters were able to transform the cafeteria in the Toner Center into an atmosphere with a dinner theater feel with decorated tables and a brightly lit stage. Hosts Coco Booker and Megan Radke entertained the audience in between performances, making the flow nearly seamless as well as doing a good job of containing the “riot juice.” Overall, the show was a sensation.

Jazz ensemble prepares for concert

By Trisha Stachowski
Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s University Jazz Ensemble will be performing Dec. 10 in the Page Theater.

The SMU Jazz Ensemble is under the direction of John Paulson, professor of music at SMU. Paulson came to SMU 29 years ago as an assistant professor and has been involved with the Jazz Ensemble since he arrived.

School of the Arts puts on 'The Nutcracker'

By Shannon Nelson
Cardinal Staff

In light of the Christmas season, the Saint Mary’s University School of the Arts and the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts will be presenting The Nutcracker the first weekend of December.

The Christmas classic, based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s original story, explores the dreams that the main character, Clara, has about a nutcracker doll she receives from her Uncle Drosselmeyer. Throughout her dreams, Clara travels with the magical Nutcracker Prince to the Land of Snow and the Kingdom of the Sweets where the beautiful ethnic dances Spanish Coffee, Chinese Tea and Russian Baba are performed.

Film festival planning begins

By Jessica LaCanne
Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the temperature slowly gets colder, the Frozen River Film Festival committee gets ready to put together a weekend filled with activities that attract all age groups.

According to the FRFF website, the festival “identifies and offers programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. These programs provide a unique perspective on environmental issues, sustainable communities, extreme sports, adventure travel and diverse cultures, presenting issues not often covered in the local media.”

Student poets gather for reading

By Benjamin Scott
Guest Writer

On Friday, Nov. 12, Saint Mary’s University and Winona State students shared a mic for the third annual “Confluence of Voices.”

The event was created by former poet Laureate Jim Armstrong, a professor at Winona State, and the now current poet Laureate Ken McCullough, of SMU’s Academic Advising department, last year to bring together the talents of their students for a poetic afternoon. Around 35 people sat in an especially cozy Mugby Junction, located just across from the Winona State campus, and intently listened to poems that ranged from a pornographic love affair to a eulogy on homelessness.

SMU sophomore Rosa Edholm appreciated the “diversity of the poetic form and the poets themselves.” She especially invoked the want of more collaborative poetry readings in the future. “I value the opportunity to share my expressions with fellow collegiate students and the Winona community alike,” said Edholm.

At the end of the readings, Armstrong asked the crowd if they would be interested in more collaborative readings; the response was an overwhelming agreement.

Volleyball finishes strong, third-best season in SMU history

By Nick Bravos
Cardinal Staff

With the third best season in Saint Mary’s University history, the 2010 SMU women’s volleyball team achieved a 21-10 overall record and 7-4 in conference play.

Coach Lester is proud of the hard work and effort this year’s team has put forth. “This team accomplished some amazing things, and they deserve to be congratulated for their success,” said Lester.

Intramurals: Session 1 wrap-up

By Santiago J. Escobar

Cardinal Staff

For many students at Saint Mary’s University, intramural sports are a big part of the college experience. Tessa Wagnild, director of intramurals, strongly believes that intramurals have a positive impact on any college campus.

“Intramural activities offer opportunities for students of all athletic abilities to stay active, de-stress, and be social in a fun, safe, and competitive environment,” said Wagnild. “With over 50 percent of the student body participating in at least one intramural activity last year alone, intramurals definitely plays an important role in core-curricular life on campus.”

Alex's Column: Is Saint Mary's hockey back?

By Alex Conover

Sports Editor

When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to SMU hockey games as one of his many ways to get my brother and me out of the house. Once I got a little older and started going for more than just the hot pretzels and cheese, I really started to enjoy the environment. There was nothing better than a playoff hockey game at the rink with the cold air and loud fans.

Unfortunately, when I enrolled at SMU in the fall of 2007, much of that atmosphere was gone. When the team only won a single game last year, I began to really question if I was ever going to see a competitive hockey team during my time at Mary’s.

Fall season ends with high hopes for next year


Sports Editor


Final record: 2-16 (0-10 in MIAC)

Statistical leaders: Juamaine Venter (5 goals, 2 assists), Steve

Boussie (3 goals, 2 assists)

Post-season accolades: Soph. Gunnar Knutson named

Honorable Mention All-MIAC

Next season’s outlook: The good news for this team is that

they are only graduating three seniors and return their top

scorer in Venter.


Final record: 7-9-1 (4-6-1 in MIAC)

Statistical leaders: Amy Sibik (12 goals, 5 assists), Amanda

Rahman (5 goals, 5 assists)

Post-season accolades: Senior Amy Sibik named First-Team

All-MIAC; Junior Sloane Kuramoto named Honorable

Mention All-MIAC

Next season’s outlook: Losing Sibik will take away a large

part of the Cardinals’ offensive attack, but the return of

Rahman, Kuramoto and keeper Cassie Hulett will provide

a strong base for 2011.

Student Senate spotlight

By Gabbi Langan

Guest Writer

Student Senate has been busy over the first few months of school, and as the year progresses, the Cardinal will contain news about Senate’s actions for the benefit of the student body. Student Senate is the student governing body of Saint Mary’s, and as representatives everyone on campus, we would love to hear more from you! Student Senate meetings are held every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in Salvi Lecture Hall, and are always open for students to attend. Attending these meetings will increase awareness of decisions that are being made that have an effect on virtually every student and club on campus.