Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blue Angel a success

By Alexa Wallick
Cardinal Staff

Once again, Phi Mu Alpha’s Blue Angel, which took place on Nov. 5 and 6, was a success. All of the talented performers did a fabulous job of singing, playing instruments and putting on a great show for the students, faculty and staff of Saint Mary’s University. Performances ranged from popular 1990s hits to original songs.

Phi Mu Alpha and supporters were able to transform the cafeteria in the Toner Center into an atmosphere with a dinner theater feel with decorated tables and a brightly lit stage. Hosts Coco Booker and Megan Radke entertained the audience in between performances, making the flow nearly seamless as well as doing a good job of containing the “riot juice.” Overall, the show was a sensation.

1. Biggest Heartthrobs: The boys in black suits and sunglasses from the group Cream Corn stole the girls’ hearts away with the original song “She Don’t Know.” The smooth vocals of Lukas Holland, Marcus Webb and Quinten Castillo, along with the musical accompaniment of Alex Conover, Andy Bauer, Rob Sassetti and Tony Clafton, were enough to get every girl up to the stage.
2. Greatest Crowd Pleaser: The Oldie Moldie All-Stars put on the last act of the night with several different songs and even came back for an encore! The Phi Mu Alpha t-shirts and traditional white suit jackets were a nice touch. Nice job, boys.
3. Biggest Surprise: This award definitely goes to none other than Bill Van Wagner, the hunky seminarian who rapped and sang Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” on his acoustic guitar.
4. Most Patriotic: The group And And! And did a great job of showing America’s pride with the punk techno song “North American Scum.” We are proud to be Americans, ladies and gentlemen.
5. Best Female Singer: Katie Keck, from her group Keckz Kidz, put on a wonderful performance singing the song “Love.” Keck’s strong vocals electrified the crowd as they burst into applause at the end of her astounding performance.
6. Best Use of Glitter: Who could put glitter to better use than the duo of Paula Jungbauer and Sami Traxler of the group Ke$ha Squared performing the popular hit song “TiK ToK.”
7. Best Duet: The cutest pair singing on the stage definitely goes to Michelle Quinn and Brian Kusek who sang “Wrapped Up in You” by Cullen & the Egg Shakers.
8. Funniest Performance: The funniest performance was done by Al Green, who sang his rendition of “Stacey’s Mom.” Green showed that Stacey’s mom really had it going on.
9. Most Creative Performance: The Dirty Spuds singing “Diggin’ My Potatoes” put on an original performance with Tyler Ringeisen playing on the harmonica.
10. Best 1990s Flashback: The Trayless Café singing “All for You” truly was a crowd pleaser as everyone was taken back to the best part of the 1990s.

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