Thursday, November 18, 2010

Student Senate spotlight

By Gabbi Langan

Guest Writer

Student Senate has been busy over the first few months of school, and as the year progresses, the Cardinal will contain news about Senate’s actions for the benefit of the student body. Student Senate is the student governing body of Saint Mary’s, and as representatives everyone on campus, we would love to hear more from you! Student Senate meetings are held every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in Salvi Lecture Hall, and are always open for students to attend. Attending these meetings will increase awareness of decisions that are being made that have an effect on virtually every student and club on campus.

One of Senate’s main purposes is to provide clubs on campus with money for activities that they would like to participate in. So far this year, Senate has distributed $5,307 in special requests by clubs, in addition to each club’s budget which is dealt out the year prior.

The major topic that Senate has discussed in great detail this semester was the decision of whether or not to increase the Student Activity Fee. Senate members proposed raising the fee by $15; $12 of which would have gone to pay future Executive Board members of SAC and Senate and the remaining $3 would have gone toward green initiatives on campus. However, after speaking with constituents, both of these increases were voted down by the Student Senate.

In the near future, Senate hopes to get a Facebook page up and running in order to better facilitate discussion between the student body and the Senate. If any students have questions, comments, or concerns about any part of campus, do not hesitate to contact President Ali Kremer (amkrem07), an Executive Board member, a Senate member, or e-mail We hope to hear from you soon!

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