Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Club Corner: Lasallian Collegians

Copy Editor

Lasallian Collegians is a group of students which meets to grow in faith, service and community! The group, led by four students, is dedicated to developing a personal connection to the mission of the Christian Brothers.

While many students may wonder what it means to be Lasallian, the members of this group are striving to live De LaSalle’s 17th century vision, today.

Every student should leave Saint Mary’s University with an experience of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, said Lynn Streefland, assistanat director of Campus Ministry and the group’s moderator, and Lasallian Collegians is one way that students are able to come into contact with the Lasallian charism.

Cullen Gibbons, a leader of the group, said that Lasallian Collegians is “a place where a kid can be a kid.” Gibbons said that one of the best activities the group has been involved in this year was hosting the students from the San Miguel schools. Gibbons said, “Hanging out with the San Miguel students was one way we were able to really be a part of the work the Brothers are doing.”

Any SMU student is welcome to come to any Lasallian Collegians meeting. Past events have included game and trivia nights at the Brothers’ residence, Lasallian Jeopardy and Roundtable discussions about hot button issues. Look forward to a few more great Lasallian Collegians’ events before the end of the year.

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