Thursday, September 29, 2011

New improvisation class offered

By Raquel Romo
Cardinal Staff

The start of this academic year also meant the start of a new class offered at Saint Mary’s University, as an improvisation class became part of the SMU theatre department’s curriculum.

This class allows theatre majors who have taken Introduction to Acting to also learn the art of acting on a whim. SMU senior Maggie Allexsaht, a current student in this class, said, “It is a really good class and the great part is we only meet four times in one semester in the month of September.” The class met for the last time on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The class is not exclusively for theatre majors; all students are welcome, pro
vided that they have passed Introduction to Acting.

Guest professor Patrick Sutton was described by Allexsaht as “a really great instructor [who] really knows how to make [students] think and get into [their] roles.”

SMU freshman Ashley Curry, who is considering adding the class to her schedule, said, “Improv. is my favorite type of theatre because it releases my inner thoughts and lets me connect to people more.

“Improv. feels different from regular theatre because you are able to step outside of lines and blocking and everything with structure.”

Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information on when this class is offered.

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