Thursday, October 27, 2011

‘Switching sticks’ not a problem for men’s lacrosse

By Nick Bravos
Sports Editor

For the second time in the clubs’ histories, the men’s and women’s lacrosse clubs battled each other in the “switching sticks” fundraiser game, held Saturday, Oct. 8.

After two 15-minute halves, the men’s team came out with a 10-2 win over the women’s team.

Two years ago, the clubs came up with the idea for the men vs. women game, where players switch sticks and uniforms with the opposite team.

Women’s lacrosse gear differs from men’s. For example, women’s sticks come in only one size with shallow pockets, while men have two different sticks, both with deep pockets. Men’s offensive sticks are similar to what the women use, but their defensive sticks are much longer.

“I had done [a men vs. women game] in high school,” said senior captain Meg Beerling, “and it was a great way to get people to come watch and see what the sport was all about, since it's not a very well-known or recognized sport.”

For this year’s game, switching sticks wasn’t the only rule. This time, all equipment was traded, including sticks, helmets and jerseys -- including skirts.

“Many of our male players were wearing skirts and jerseys that were way too tight,” said Jared Haider, men’s senior captain.

“When the game started, it was pretty back and forth for a while,” Haider said. “Then we started to score some goals and get used to the equipment change.”

Wearing the guys equipment was challenging, said Beerling, but it was easier to use their sticks because they have deep pockets. She said it was difficult “to see out of that helmet, and it was far too big for my head so it kept slipping over my eyes.”

Because the helmets the men use aren’t washable, “it smelled like death,” Beerling said.

This year there was also a condition for the losing team. “We tried to make a funny stipulation that the loser had to abide by, but we did not have adequate time to think of one,” Haider said.

The teams decided that the women’s team will buy pizza at the next team party.

The game displays each club’s dedication and effort to raise funds, according to Haider.

“It also shows that our organizations have a sense of humor and know how to have fun and be competitive at the same time.”

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