Friday, December 14, 2012

Music Review: ‘Blood’ by In This Moment

By Allison Christensen
Cardinal Staff

Feeling stressed about finals?  Try venting some of that frustration by listening to In This Moment’s new album, “Blood.” 

Maria Brink (vocals) and Chris Howorth (lead guitar), the founders of the band, met at an open jam in Los Angeles, Calif., in 2005. They recorded their first album, “Beautiful Tragedy,” in 2007 with former band members. 

Today, the band includes Randy Weitzel (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass) and Tom Hane (drums). In This Moment has steadily gained more fans with each new album. The latest, “Blood,” is their most successful album. 

“I knew that I wanted this album to bring out elements we’ve never shown before,” said Brink. “This alluring, darker, sinful side of us that no one has ever seen.” 

Each song on the “Blood” album is like an exposed nerve. The harsh vocals and distressing lyrics exude raw emotion. Inspired by bands they toured with, Brink held nothing back in the creation of this album. 

“Watching all those bands helped me let go of my fear, following my art and not worrying about ‘Is this too much?’ or ‘Am I pushing too far?’ or ‘Are people going to judge me?’ This album is the most fearless I’ve ever felt making music,” said Brink.

Scream-o tracks such as “You’re Gonna Listen” and “Comanche” create a perfect balance between chaos and control. The shredding vocals are intense and somewhat unpredictable, but the tight rhythms and constant beat prevent them from sounding sloppy. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the tracks “It Is Written” and “Aires” convey a very different feeling. The computer generated sounds and Brink’s mysterious whispering create an eerie, if not slightly disturbing, sound. Mixing these in with the rest of the album’s fast and furious tracks creates an interesting contrast and gives the album more depth and meaning.

Visit In This Moment’s official site,, to check out tour dates and purchase merchandise.

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