Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leung and Kirk showcase their talent

By Ena Moats
Cardinal Staff

A crowd filled the Figliulo Recital Hall on Sunday, Nov. 10 to watch the performance of Saint Mary’s University faculty members David Leung, Ph.D., and Ned Kirk, Ph.D.

Leung impressed the audience with his skills on violin and Kirk, similarly, on piano.  Both musicians conveyed their knowledge and passion of music through these instruments, performing four pieces by various composers including Beethoven, Schubert, Diamond, and Franck.

The audience, made up of both students and community members, was braced for the first composition, Sonata in C minor, Op.30, No.2, with a warning from Leung, who said, “It’s going to get loud, so get your helmets on.”

This piece conveyed the feelings and events of the early Napoleonic era around 1801, complete with cannon fire and the clomping of horse hooves.  The audience was able to visualize these elements through the highs and lows, which were produced by the combination of violin and piano.

The performers truly captured the essence of each and every song, staying true to the idea that music tells a story. Kirk and Leung told these stories in a way that would surely bring pride to the composers.  

These musicians’ abilities in both technical skill and interpretation stunned the crowd, and reminded the community to appreciate the phenomenal talent to which it is exposed.

Winona resident and concert attendee Julie Chaisson said, “I believe the talent here is world-class.”

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