Friday, December 13, 2013

Undergraduate art exhibit

By Ena Moats
Cardinal Staff

The Lillian Davis Hogan Gallery has hosted an all-student art show since Nov. 21, which displays a variety of mediums, ranging from pieces in acrylic, clay, graphite, photography, and even yarn.

Three pieces were determined to be first, second, and third place, judged by former art student Brianna Nelson. The awards included Evanescent Decay, an acrylic painting by Anna Segner, in first place; stoneware entitled Fall Hunt by Allison Swenson, in second place; and an oil painting by Macy Johnson called Lily Pond in third place and several other works received honorable mentions.

Reikel Biechler, exhibitor and junior at SMU, said, “I appreciated how the judge selected pieces that were very diverse in medium and design.”

Anna Segner, a junior art major, offered an explanation of her piece, which pictures a finger painted woolly mammoth on a wooden panel that Segner found in the basement of Saint Joe’s residence hall. “The piece, Evanescent Decay, was an approach at capturing the movement of death to deterioration to renewed life,” she said. ”I have always been inspired by the idea of the romanticized final death of extinction, particularly within the woolly mammoth species, so I kind of wanted the piece to embody a cave painting.”

The art exhibit will be open for viewing in the Toner gallery until the end of the semester.

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