Monday, March 8, 2010

Yon’s still without wireless internet; HelpDesk offers no solution

Managing Editor

Despite requests to the Saint Mary’s University HelpDesk to have wireless Internet installed, the residents of the second floor of St. Yon’s Hall have had to deal without wireless Internet access for the entire year. “I personally have discussed it with IT (informational technology) or IT members many times,” said a St. Yon’s resident who asked to remain anonymous. “Though many sympathize with the situation, nothing ever gets done.”

The St. Yon’s resident said that residents of St. Yon’s had contacted their student senate member, as well as the Office of Residence Life, but were told that wireless Internet is not guaranteed in the buildings.

“I would agree with this statement if we were not the only res hall without it (wireless Internet access) available to everyone,” said the St. Yon’s resident. “I lso am aware that our senator has gone before student senate with the issue numerous times, and it has been neglected or pushed off to the side.”

According to the SMU website, one of St. Yon’s Hall’s amenities is cable and Internet hook-up (including access to the SMU wireless network). “If one were to look at the website, it says all resident buildings are wirelessly equipped, which is true,” said the St. Yon’s resident. “But only if you live in specific areas.” The St. Yon’s resident said that not having wireless Internet is not a major problem. “I wouldn’t call it a big problem, but it is certainly an issue.”

The St. Yon’s resident said that the means they turned to regarding the wireless Internet were unresponsive. “It’s almost as if they are just stalling because they don’t want to sink the money into the building,” said the St. Yon’s resident.

“It’s very frustrating because it comes off as if they do not care about the residents that are paying for these services.” The Cardinal contacted Brian Behling of the IT Department, who instructed the reporter to contact Amanda Frost. Frost, the ResHall Tech, has not returned the Cardinal’s request for an interview.

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