Friday, October 29, 2010

Students wrestle their way to club status

Sarah McDonough
Co-Managing and Advertising Editor

For years, the club sport of wrestling has not been available at Saint Mary’s University. As the seasons begin to slowly change from fall into winter, Saint Mary’s University freshmen Aaron Fimon and Luke Sansovich got the itch to wrestle again.

Fimon and Sansovich, roommates in Benilde Hall, determined that they would be proactive in finding out how to start a wrestling club by having conversations with Student Senate. Senate responded by asking them to create a constitution and a budget. Although the budget is still in the developmental stage, Senate has approved the constitution.

Since SMU does not have the resources (wrestling mats and practice space) to adequately host the club’s practices, the wrestling club will drive to Winona Senior High School or Cotter High School, both secondary schools in Winona that have competitive wrestling teams, to practice.
Fimon and Sansovich have been promoting the club through use of flyers around campus, and the response has been positive.

“We only need 10 people to make up a team but so far 12 have replied,” said Fimon, “Everyone from freshman to seniors.”

Being a new club sport, the goal for this year is to have members who are ready to compete at the college level and travel to matches in individual open tournaments at schools like Augsburg College and Saint John’s University. Ultimately, the club would like to enter in a dual meet against Winona State University, which would be held in February. The perk of a dual meet is that results are based on overall team performance, not just how the individual wrestlers performed.

Currently only men have expressed interest in the club, but Fimon stressed that women are welcomed as well. No previous experience is necessary to join.

Any further questions regarding the newly founded wrestling club can be directed to or

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