Friday, October 29, 2010

Winona artist's work in library

By Alexa Wallick
Cardinal Staff

A display of abstract artwork by Winona artist Julia Crozier has recently been put up in the Saint Mary’s University Fitzgerald Library.

From contemporary to modern art, Crozier has a wide range of styles with which she experiments. The works of art in the library are a sample of her more abstract work. Crozier provides the title of the artwork along with the medium she used and the price of each piece.

According to Crozier, through her artwork she wants students to “learn what’s going on in Winona and in the art world.” Currently, Crozier has three art shows going on while also maintaining her four-year-old art gallery, the Blue Heron Studio, in downtown Winona.

“I wanted to start doing big pieces on a regular basis and just have a better workspace,” Crozier said. In her gallery are several pieces of her own artwork, along with the work of other local artists.

“I get a lot of inspiration from nature and from pictures I take,” Crozier said. According to Crozier, she likes to travel often and gets a lot of inspiration from things that she sees on her travels. Crozier also said she is often inspired through books she reads. Her accomplished artwork has even made its way to cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago.

“If you want to make it as a visual artist, you have to really want to do it all the time,” said Crozier, “No matter what.”

Crozier’s art is in the main floor entrance of the library, on the left wall.

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