Thursday, February 10, 2011

Film Review: 'Sons of Perdition'

By Jessica LaCanne
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Imagine having your whole life controlled by a prophet who made decisions about how you were to get closer to God. This was the reality for three young teenagers in Colorado Springs whose parents practiced polygamy.

The film “Sons of Perdition” opens with teenage boys sneaking into their own house in order to grab their stuff. After being exiled from the Crick community, this is the only contact option left for these teens.

The film follows the three teens while they try to find a place in the world outside of what they know. Sam, one of the teens, said his family would rather have him dead than exiled. That is how serious it is to run away for the families featured in the film.

Joe, another one of the teens who left the Crick, said his home was sheltered, and children were taught to think only about the next life. Children were forbidden from dating, watching television, and reading books. They were even removed from schools. The children were taught that they were chosen by God to be in the religion that was designed to wipe evil off the earth.

Throughout the film, the voice of the prophet, Warren Jeffs, was frequently heard preaching to his people. One message from the prophet was that polygamy is the way and those who deny it will be destroyed.

The role of the prophet is to reveal what God has told him abut the lives of the people who are following him. It is up to the prophet to decide who marries who and how many wives a man gets. Some men have been known to have 70 wives.

This eye-opening film brings the viewers into the lives of struggling teens who have managed to break away from the ruling of the prophet and their struggles to make it with no support from their families. “Sons of Perdition” is a must see for an inner look at the lives of struggling teenagers who are trying to break away from the prophet and polygamy.

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