Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First 'International Week' held

By Jessica LaCanne
Arts and Entertainment Editor

In order to celebrate international students and students who have had international experiences, Saint Mary’s University held its first International Week from Feb. 14-19.

Although there was an international showcase last year, 2011 was the first year to celebrate for an entire week, said Laura Schmidt, director of Student Activities. According to Schmidt, International Week included faculty discussions, international dance lessons, a yoga session, viewing of the film “Babies,” a fair and the showcase.

Discussion topics included global warming, Palestine, and unrest in the Sudan, said Schmidt. The Ballroom Dance Club provided lessons and the Yoga Club sponsored a yoga session. “Babies” told the story of four babies, one from Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo, said Schmidt.

The International Fair, held in the cafeteria, displayed items and photos from international students’ home country. Students who studied abroad could also highlight their experience through photos or souvenirs, Schmidt said.

Beginning in November, both students and faculty helped organize International Week. “Faculty included Chris Kendall, Bob Fisher, Brit Wagner, Lance Thompson, and myself,” said Schmidt. Students who helped include Yiyun Wang, Long Chen and Jessica Alcazar.

“I think this year was a good start,” said Schmidt. “I'm hoping next year that students will understand the importance of International Week and the countless opportunities there are to discover all things international during this week.”

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