Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T.E.C. retreats help students grow in faith and community

By Santiago J. Escobar
Cardinal Staff

“An eye opening experience,” “An opportunity to examine and grow in your faith” and “Becoming part of a bigger community” are some of the reactions heard from students around Saint Mary’s University who have been part of a Together Encountering Christ (T.E.C.) retreat.

SMU will host its 64th annual T.E.C. retreat from Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3. T.E.C. is a three-day weekend retreat based on the Paschal Mystery: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Volunteers who have previously gone on a T.E.C. retreat organize the weekend. Lynn Streefland, assistant director of campus ministry, calls T.E.C. “a transforming experience for all. No matter where we are in our faith journey, the T.E.C. weekend provides conversations and reflections that help you grow in a special way.”

Every T.E.C. experience is unique, and all participants experience the message of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ through participation in music, discussions, talks, prayer, scripture, liturgy and celebration. Each of the three days of the retreat also has a central theme. "Die Day", the first day, has participants reflect on many different aspects of their lives, focusing on better relationships with God, the self and others. On "Rise Day", or the second day, participants celebrate the presence of God's love in their lives. "Go Day" is the third day, on which participants recognize and prepare to carry forth the message of Jesus Christ.

To take part in T.E.C., students must fill out an application from the Office of Campus Ministry, located in the basement of the Michael H. Toner Student Center. Applications can also be found on the bulletin board on the first floor of Saint Mary’s Hall. The application due date is March 17. For more information, contact Lynn Streefland at ex. 7329 or

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