Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bright spots for men's hockey

By Keotta House
Cardinal Staff

Despite being eight games under .500, the Saint Mary’s University men’s hockey team has still had a rewarding season.

The team is already doing statistically better this season, and they have a couple of big wins to prove it.

The team opened up the season with a six-game losing streak. However, in four of the six games SMU found themselves losing by only one goal—a trend which happened two more times.

“The biggest thing is whether we get big goals at the right time, and we are looking for someone to step up and make the big goals,” said Head Coach Bill Moore.

The Cardinals have stepped up big time on occasion this season when playing big opponents. SMU thrilled fans when they defeated the defending national champions, Saint Norbert College, in a 3-2 victory. Another notable game includes the 2-1 overtime victory against the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

“Let’s keep doing what we are doing,” said Moore. “We have beaten four nationally ranked teams, and we’ve been competitive keeping up with these good teams.”

The SMU men’s hockey team may not be achieving all of their season’s goals, but they have kept up with some objectives that Moore also finds most important.

“So far our academic goals have been good; we didn’t have quite as many people on the academic Dean’s list but overall we were a 3.0 [GPA],” said Moore. “The team is going out and performing a lot of community service too.”

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