Thursday, February 2, 2012

Student Advertising Summit March 2

By Emma Stenzel
Managing & Advertising Editor

The 2012 Student Advertising Summit (SAS) is fast approaching and will give college students from across the Midwest the opportunity to gain valuable insight about the professional world of advertising.

This all-day event will be held at the McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis on March 2, the Friday before Spring Recess begins at Saint Mary’s University.

SAS is an annual event that is designed to help prepare students for their careers in advertising, marketing and public relations, according to the Summit’s website. Throughout the day, attendants will be able to network with professionals and other students, learn from keynote speakers, show their portfolios and tour advertising agencies in the Twin Cities area.

After attending last year’s Summit, Bob Rousseau, senior and SAS Brand Ambassador at SMU, agrees that the event presents a unique and exciting learning experience for college students of any age.

“For underclassmen, they can use the Summit to get their feet wet and get a better understanding of the world of advertising,” said Rousseau. “If you don’t know what you want to do after college, this is a great chance to get to know all of the different facets of the field.

“Upperclassmen get to know people, make connections and get their foot in the door for new career opportunities.”

Rousseau added that it is important that students who plan to attend the Summit take the necessary steps to prepare themselves. He recommends researching the companies that will be there, creating a resume and portfolio for professionals to review, developing questions beforehand and dressing professionally.

“Even though this is a professional event, it isn’t intimidating,” said Rousseau. “It’s meant for young people, so it’s very engaging and energetic, and the people there want to meet you and help you succeed.”

SAS is presented by the Advertising Federation of Minnesota and AD2, an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation created for young advertising professionals.

For more information or to register, visit the SAS website at

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