Thursday, March 21, 2013

Actors shine in ‘Spitfire Grill’

By Brendan Cahill
Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s Department of Theatre and Dance’s production of “Spitfire Grill” was brilliantly directed by Dr. Gary Diomandes with a splendid cast. Each one of the actors played roles seemingly written for their own personality.

The actors’ skills were not the only shining talent being displayed; the set and lighting really brought the “Spitfire Grill” to life. The usage of the space at Valéncia Arts Center was brilliant.

The show follows the musical journey of Percy Talbott from prison to Gilead, Wis. The audience follows Talbott as she adapts to life in a small town while others in the community also adapt to her presence.

SMU senior Yuri Korchak, who has not seen many theatrical productions, said, “I was not sure if I was going to like it when I went into the show. Musical theater is not my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised when I left that night.”

The show had just the right amount of music and quite an enjoyable arrangement of songs, which had toes tapping. Some musicals can get tiresome with the actors singing too much; however, this was not the case. 

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