Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movement to impeach student senate president closes

By Paul Schmitt
Cardinal Staff

A petition began circulating within the Saint Mary’s University student body in recent weeks with the intent of impeaching Student Senate President Robbie Doyle. Accompanying the petition were a number of concerns regarding Doyle’s ability to govern the body, including the priority of following policy over listening to the people themselves.

The impeachment efforts were officially put to an end on Feb. 26, when statements were made at the senate meeting that night.

Doyle began by saying that he is “more than willing to listen to what is said. He added, “But if I don’t know what I’m doing isn’t working, then I can’t change. As a body, as a whole, we can work together so that at the end of the day we can better represent the body as a whole.”

SMU student Bryan Lampkin spoke on behalf of the petition movement. He said that the petition “was intended not to maliciously attack Robbie’s dignity,” but was “intended to spark greater interest in what the body does.”

“Circulating the petition sparked discussion,” said Vice President for Student Development Chris Kendall. “I did have these two gentlemen get together and talk in great length,” he said, referring to Doyle and Lampkin, who had met earlier that day to resolve the issue, with Kendall present. The topics discussed at the meeting included “communication, flexibility and about senate being about more than just policy,” said Kendall. 

Doyle, Lampkin and Kendall were all unavailable for further comment.

Elections for next year’s student senate president were held on Tuesday, March 19, after this edition went to press.

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