Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: “Two Boys Kissing”

by JAKOb JeHn

Told from the perspective of thousands of souls stuck in limbo that are forced to dwell amongst the living, unseen, unheard, and unfelt, this chapter-less book narrates the events of four different stories going on at the same time in the perspective of a third person omniscient narrator. Ex’s Craig and Harry are attempting to break the world record for lon- gest kiss. There’s nothing between them anymore, but this kiss ruffles the settled emotions they have about each other. 

Ryan and Avery both have colorful hair, and they also have just started seeing each other. However, a secret of Avery’s, a secret out of his control, could possibly ruin this blossoming relationship. 

Peter and Neil are a couple and have been for a little bit now. Peter’s family accepts their relationship wholeheartedly, however, Neil’s family doesn’t know what to make of it. 

Cooper is a boy who is barely holding on. He stopped feeling a while ago. This book is absolutely phenomenal and is written beautifully. What struck me as most compelling about the novel was that the narrator, or should I say narrators, refer to themselves as “We:” a collectivistic group of thousands of souls telling you a story. Their experience with death gives them wisdom beyond the comprehension of the living body, each para- graph they read is a life lesson, a plead for you to live not with fear, but love.
Levithan’s quick read is definitely a good read.

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