Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review: Underoath's "Lost in the Sound of Separation"

By Pat Howard
Cardinal Staff

The hard sounding Christian rock band Underoath released its sixth studio album titled, “Lost in the Sound of Separation.”

The highly anticipated album was praised by Alternative Press magazine to surpass the hype; much like Michael Phelps did this summer.

As the blistering guitar riffs continue to combine with rhythmic drum beats and powerful vocals, the new album continues to possess the same harder sound that put them on the map.

However, the most unique aspect of the band, the Christian values and messages in the music, continues to stay intact. In a sense, it has matured to an even deeper level. For example, the lyrics, “Good God, if your song leaves our lips, If your work leaves our hands, Then we will be wonders and vagabonds,” and “Good God, can You still get us home?” are featured on the song titled, “Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear.”

Underoath continues to spread its message in a way that can inspire morality in fans of hard rock and has the potential to draw people of faith into its music. The album is easily accessible in stores and on iTunes.

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