Thursday, September 18, 2008

Staff Spotlight

By Jessica LaCanne
Cardinal Staff

Melissa Dybas is a new staff member at Saint Mary’s University this year. She works in the Writing and Academic Skills Centers. In the Writing Center, Dybas helps with any questions students may have about writing a paper, ranging from where to start to adding the final touches.

While working in the Academic Skills Center, Dybas helps students who have documented disabilities or need tutoring assistance. Drop-in tutoring is also available for individuals or groups. The Academic Skills Center provides a fun atmosphere to learn outside of a classroom.

Dybas works in the Writing and Academic Skills Centers because she prefers to have a more equal relationship with students, rather than that of a teacher to student. According to Dybas, “It’s a lot more fun than being a teacher.” She is a great addition to this University and will certainly benefit the students.

Kathy Pederson, who works at the front desk of the Business Office, is the first person to see when dealing with money. She can help with just about anything and always has a smile on her face.

Pederson primarily works with taking tuition payments, cashing checks and taking cash vouchers. She also enters invoices and balances accounts. Pederson has worked at Saint Mary’s University for a little over three years and is here to help. Students can ask Pederson about their tuition bills or how to remove money from their accounts.

If there are no questions, Pederson likes to see students anyway. She has a real Chatty Kathy doll in her window, which no longer talks, but always has a sign with a saying or joke for the day. If for no other reason, students can stop down just to see what Chatty Kathy has to say.

“I really hope the students have good experiences here, and there are a lot of people here to help them in any way, so don’t be afraid to ask staff if you have concerns,” Pederson said. Her smiling face and eagerness to help make Pederson an outstanding accomplice in solving any monetary dilemmas students may find themselves involved in while at school.

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