Friday, September 28, 2012

New dean of Campus Ministry joins SMU community

Feature Editor

Saint Mary’s University welcomes a new Dean of Campus Ministry this year who said he is excited to “expand and grow the community at SMU in order to meet the diversified needs [of the students].”

Steven McGlaun, the new Dean of Campus Ministry, was previously an editor, author and marketing coordinator at St. Mary’s Press.  He said that the opening at SMU was a great way for him to be involved in ministry again.

“It opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” he said.

McGlaun said he is most excited to experience everything that goes on around campus with Serving Others united in Love (S.O.U.L.) Council, Buddies, Together Encountering Christ (TEC) and Big and Little Pals. “It should be a year of discovery,” he said.

McGlaun was involved in high school parish ministry in Texas before working for Saint Mary’s Press. He added that it is an adjustment having to learn everything over again.  McGlaun said that the biggest challenge is being integrated into a new community.  

However, McGlaun said that SMU is a great fit for him.  “My daughters were convinced that I work at the coolest place in the world when they saw the swimming pool,” he said.

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