Friday, September 28, 2012

SMU challenges international students from Vietnam and China

Feature Editor

International students from Vietnam and China say it’s a challenge adjusting to the educational system at Saint Mary’s University.

Tran Nguyen previously studied at an Australian school in Vietnam, and she said that schooling in the U.S. has more everyday homework.  Back home, she said, the assignments are longer and due at longer intervals.  “It’s challenging to get used to a new system, especially when English is your second language,” Nguyen said.

However, she said that the environment at SMU is favorable.  “The professors are great,” said Nguyen. “They are supportive when you have questions and really help you to improve.”

Yuting Li, a transfer student from China, said that she is very thankful for the helpful teachers in the international department.  “It’s different adjusting to a new culture and being separated from family and friends back home,” she said.  

Nguyen is an entrepreneurship major, and Li is undecided but thinking of majoring in education.

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