Friday, September 28, 2012

Saint Mary’s welcomes four new hall directors

Guest Writer

This year the Saint Mary’s University community and the Office of Residence Life welcome four new hall directors to campus: Al Beseler ’09, Keith Donovan ’06, Mary Bambenek and Angie Glodowski.

After his graduation from SMU in 2009, Beseler spent a two years volunteering with AmeriCorps, educating youth in both science and education.  Now, as the hall director in Saint Edward’s Residence Hall, Beseler said that he is extremely excited for the opportunity to work with freshmen this year.

Donovan, who is also a recent graduate from SMU, has returned after spending several years teaching and working at a high school in Chicago.  Donovan said that SMU has always been a second home to him and that he was extremely excited for his return.

“I’m looking forward to being with a group of young men who are full of dignity, brotherhood and pride in who they are, where they live and the impact they will have on this campus for the next four years,” said Donovan who will be the hall director of Saint Benilde Residence Hall.

The third new hall director is Bambenek who will be continuing her long-time work at SMU, but in a new department. She said that she is extremely excited to be back working with students in such a close capacity.

As the hall director of Lasalle Residence Hall, Bambenek is especially excited about the living-learning component it will entail.  She said, “I look forward to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable on-campus experience for each member of this newly-remodeled and beautiful residence hall. “

Glodowski, who is new to the university, is the hall director who oversees Skemp and Heffron Residence Halls. Glodowski, who got married this past summer, will be joined in Skemp hall by her husband Roy and 8-year-old son Colton.

All four hall directors have expressed great excitement to be at SMU because of its environment.

Bambenek said that SMU is a special place that can be compared to a beautifully wrapped gift.  “The ‘wrapping paper’ is our extraordinary campus setting and well cared for grounds and facilities,” she said. “However the true gift of Saint Mary’s has to be the dedicated faculty, staff, coaches, students, alumni and families who comprise this unique Lasallian Catholic community.”

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