Friday, November 16, 2012

B.T.’s Corner: The season of hibernation

By Brian Thomas
Cardinal Staff

One of the great aspects about being in the Midwest, especially in Winona, is watching the beautiful seasonal changes. The bluffs change from forest green to bright orange.

Nevertheless, every year it’s still a surprise to many of us to see the first snowfall. Once again autumn has come and gone, and the time of great hibernation, winter, is here to stay. Like bears in the frozen Tundra, we bundle up, stay inside for warmth and sleep more often.

The first snowfall brings both joy and sadness to college students. On one hand, it begins the countdown to family holidays and term break. On the other hand, it brings us one day closer to final exams and saying goodbye to dear friends for a short time.

Challenge: Embrace this winter season by coming out of hibernation. Cherish this time with friends and teammate, make the most of your opportunities to succeed and put a smile on your face. A new winter season awaits! What are YOU waiting for? P.S. Don’t forget your hat and gloves!  

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