Friday, November 16, 2012

Second Page: The laughter never ends

By Skylar Finkelstein
Cardinal Staff

Saving laughter and humor, one joke at a time was the goal of the Second Page Super Hero clan.

Second Page is an improve group at Saint Mary’s University that specializes in actors doing improve comedy. The club puts on a production before Halloween to showcase their talents and bring a laugher to SMU’s campus.

This production had a theme of super heroes with ludicrous powers like Haley McComb being “Snack Pack Girl.”  She flew around the world bringing people joy in the form of a simple pebbling cup. These hilarious powers brought tummy-tickling happiness to the audience.

The cast left the crowd laughing long after the act was complete.  This was accomplished by a lot of crowd interaction. Second Page members had a bowl full of games that audience members picked for the cast to act out.

One game included was “Inner Thoughts,” which creates a scene where two actors have to act out a thought given to them.   The game continues with two acts and two people stating thoughts to be acted out.

Also, a crowd favorite was the picture scene portion of the show, which was also the grand finale. This is when Kylie McElarth and Molly Nocera told a story of a vacation they took based on what the other actors positioned themselves in. This sent Second Page out with bang.

Second Page meets every Wednesday in the Common Room at Saint Mary’s Hall from 10 p.m. until midnight.  SMU students are welcome to join in and act out scenes or be audience members. 

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