Sunday, September 29, 2013

A successful Welcome Week for students

By Elizabeth Hayes
Cardinal Staff

Welcome Week was a success due to the array of activities scheduled throughout the week, according to first-year students.

Mission Improvable, a bonfire, an outdoor movie, were just some of the seemingly never-ending activities available all over campus. These activities provided entertainment, allowed all students to meet new people and get familiar with the campus. Freshmen EJ Leif said, “Welcome Week helped me figure out the campus and find my way around.”

Another activity was a performance by the Oldie Moldie All Stars in the plaza. This band left its mark as students relayed their excitement to see the band’s next performance during Family Weekend.

Mission Improvable’s comedy gold mine was another popular event during Welcome Week. These four men entertained their audience with unexpected jokes and humor.

With classes in full swing, scheduled student events at Saint Mary’s have lessened in amount compared to Welcome Week. However, there are always events going on at Saint Mary’s University such as performances in the Page Theatre, club meetings and activities, or resident hall activities.

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