Sunday, September 29, 2013

New location of Campus Safety

By Allison Christensen
Cardinal Staff

Students may have noticed that the glass box near the Hall of Fame Room that once housed Campus Safety is now empty. Many changes took place over the summer at Saint Mary’s University and one of them was the decision to combine Campus Safety and the Information Desk.

Tessy Dias, a Campus Safety staff member, explained that although the office is still called Campus Safety, the goal was to create an office for “campus assistance.” Combining the two offices creates a single, more efficient department that can handle any issues or questions from on or off campus, she said.

According to Campus Safety staff member Don Nelson, Campus Safety is “the heart of Saint Mary’s University.”

During the first week of classes, the Campus Safety department moved to the Information Desk. Campus Safety is still responsible for all of the duties they have performed in the past (including escorts for regular or medical needs, snow removal, checking fire and door alarms, and contacting maintenance about any issues) and has assumed the responsibilities of the Information Desk including the lost and found, motor pool check in/out and the switchboard.

Another change for Campus Safety this year is the addition of a new Director of Campus Safety, Gary Hoeppner. Hoeppner and the rest of the staff at Campus Safety do a lot to ensure that everyone on campus has a safe college experience.

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