Saturday, September 28, 2013

Women’s soccer looking to recuperate from losses

By Elizabeth Hayes
Cardinal Staff 

Nearly half of the Saint Mary’s University women’s soccer team consists of new players this year, according to senior forward/midfielder Bethany Schmidt.

“After last season, there are a lot of teams that don’t think we have what it takes to be a competitive team. Our goal is to prove everyone wrong,” said Schmidt.

Despite a current record of 0-6, the team hopes to have a successful season. “We’re a family that watches out for each other and picks each other up to keep everyone positive,” said Schmidt.

Freshman midfielder Ellen Moran enjoys the team camaraderie. She said, “[It’s] like having 27 sisters that truly care about each other.”

One goal for the Women’s team is to improve the program as much as possible, according to Moran.

"My goal for this year is to become a stronger defender and become a real aspect to the team,” said freshman midfielder Marissa Dressely.

“We work hard to challenge each other to help us all improve at every practice,” said Schmidt.

Despite Saint Mary’s current losing streak, the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference shouldn’t be overlooking the Cardinals. According to Schmidt, “With everyone’s continuing positive attitude and motivation by the last few losses, we will come together to prove everyone wrong.”

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