Friday, October 25, 2013

Caravan du Nord 2013 Visits Page Theatre

By Ena Moats
Cardinal Staff

Three independent Minnesotan musicians performed on Friday, Oct. 18, at the Page Theatre at Saint Mary’s University as a part of The Minnesota Music Coalition’s (MMC) showcase, Caravan du Nord. Artists Mike Munson, Southwire, and Night Moves each presented their own distinct style to provide a night full of
tunes for the audience.

Blues guitarist Mike Munson started off the night with guitar melodies, foot tapping beats, and an easygoing voice and demeanor. Munson eased the audience into his 1910s-1920s, bluesinspired songs that used a purposeful, sustained musical theme and commented on aspects of everyday life.

Munson also showed recognition for Winona in his words to the audience and in his piece “Empire Builder,” where he portrayed Winona’s own Amtrak train. “I like to be in Winona,” he said. “There’s a lot of cool stuff going on and lots of cool people making it happen.”

Self-described “rusty-sounding” folk and rap combination, Southwire, hit the stage next with music that was full of depth and width. Their description proved accurate as vocalist/guitarist/ pianist Jerree Small, vocalist Ben Larson, upright bassist Matt Mobley, and drummer Sean Elmquist performed an interesting combination of raw melodies and poetry, creating a certain poignancy that captured the audience.

The final act from indie band Night Moves had the crowd jamming, and occasionally headbanging, along to fresh beats. The three friends from the Twin Cities included John Pelant on guitar and vocals, Mickey Alfano on bass, and Mark Ritsema on guitar and keyboard. A guest drummer also performed with them. An encore
performance covering Thunderclap Newman’s “Something in the Air,” closed the night with chest-rattling bass.

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