Friday, October 25, 2013

Students study abroad in London

By Raquel Romo
Cardinal Staff

Theatre students at Saint Mary’s University have the opportunity to learn about the arts and apply them in London for 12 weeks during the fall semester.

“As a theatre major, it is a requirement for my peers and I to go study abroad in London, and I just love that we have that opportunity! What better place is there to learn about theatre than in London,” said junior Arielle Ems, who is currently in London.

Senior Alyson Kriz said studying abroad in London allowed her to apply everything she was learning in her classes. “Our classes were much more hands on,” she said. “For our art class, we went to different art galleries in London, our literature class we read British literature, for our theatre class we went and saw different pieces all over London. For my independent study I took various dance classes and applied them to a review.”

Students are encouraged to follow through with their liberal arts background and engross themselves in an unfamiliar culture with fellow peers according to the Study Abroad Office at Saint Mary’s.

“Seeing the Tower of London was amazing. It was a place I heard and read about so much, and there it was,” said senior Taylor Marshall-Miernicki, who participated in the program last fall.

Being in a foreign country with fellow peers has its perks and downfalls, according to senior Charlotte Deranek. “We definitely bonded as a class, and, of course, there were moments when things were tense,” she said. “When you see the same 17 people every day it’s bound to happen! However, we did reach a point where we could look at each other and say, ‘you’re really annoying me and I can’t be around you right now,’ and we would be okay with it,” said Deranek.

Senior Elyssa Mattson said, some of her best adventures were simply commuting to and from classes. “It was a lot of fun just being on the train, and I loved that!” she said. “It is a very busy, but picturesque city, with many opportunities and experiences waiting at every turn. I honestly couldn’t have asked to study anywhere better."

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