Friday, October 25, 2013

KSMR Radio gets a whole new feel

By Kaeli Todd
Cardinal Staff

The e-board members and disk jockeys of Saint Mary’s own radio station, KSMR, have been hard at work, revamping the station to make the overall experience more enjoyable for listeners.

“So far this year we’ve loaded a bunch of new music onto the equipment so that we have a wider variety of songs being played,” said Madeline Puppe, one of the general managers of the station. “We also have the songs weighted so the songs that people want to hear are getting on the air.”

Finding new music and updating playlists has been the job of the station’s music director, Brian Pipal. “We’ve totally redone the station to make it a good blend of Top 40 hits, which we will update weekly based on new music coming out, as well as older classics, 80s music, and oldies rock ‘n roll,” said Pipal.

“Our goal is to be the top variety station in Winona.” In addition to updating the music and playlists of the station, KSMR members have also given the website a makeover. Technical director Nick Novotny said, “The website has a whole new layout, and you can listen online since we have live streaming now.”

“You can also check the website to see upcoming campus events and a list of DJs and radio shows,” said Pipal. “It has a list of the entire radio show schedule, and you can also check to see the song that’s currently

KSMR has also expanded its list of DJs, resulting in a greater variety of shows and styles of music being played. “We have more DJs this year than we have in the past, which means more people getting a variety of music and radio personalities with fun things to say on our airwaves,” said Puppe. “This makes the listening experience better.”

To see the full schedule, find a radio show, or listen online, visit the KSMR website.

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