Monday, February 3, 2014

Team building: Men’s basketball

By John Kaiser
Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s men’s basketball team has struggled to find wins this season. This season can best be described as a rebuilding year: new coaching staff, young players, and not one senior on the roster. 

Wylie Ferron, a freshman, said that the team is competing and getting better every game, with hopes of winning conference games over the second half of the season. Ferron believes that the team will keep improving enough so that in two years, they will be competing for a playoff spot. 

Despite struggling to win games this season, Ferron said that there are some positives that can help the team in the future. Amongst them are the competitive spirit and strong defense style that the team plays.

“There is a lot of potential for the future,” says Ferron. For a team that has had many changes in the past year, it seems that this year could be deemed a rebuilding year. Perhaps the biggest change was bringing in new Head Coach Jamison Rusthoven and Assistant Coach Zach Malvik. Ferron described the coaching staff as “excellent.”

Ferron also noted that the team is rather small. Ferron said that this could pose a problem on the court. The best way to improve is for the players to lift and work on their game over the summer. 

The team has no seniors currently, and often that can be difficult to overcome. However, Ferron also mentioned that everybody brings different leadership skills to the team and that there is good chemistry amongst the players. 

With the team rebuilding and having a strong core of young players, this season has been a rebuilding process. How good the team will actualy be in the future remains unknown, but according to Ferron the future looks bright for the men’s basketball team. 

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