Monday, February 3, 2014

Women’s basketball: Soaring to new heights

By John Kaiser
Cardinal Staff

After having one of their best years, the Saint Mary’s women’s basketball team has come back with an encore this season. In fact, this is a team that was just recently ranked nationally. 

Octavia Brown, a junior, has said that the team has done really well this season and they keep growing. That says a lot for a team that is number one in conference and looking at making the playoffs for the third straight year. 

The team has numerous strengths. Brown said, “The biggest strength is the toughness and ‘never give up attitude’ the team has come to embrace.” Brown said that even if the team is losing, they do not quit. However, Brown noted that there is one major weakness this team has. Often towards the end of the first half they seem to slow down, and Brown said that they need to play better so that they do not have a hole to dig out of in the second half. 

For a team that only has two seniors, many of the younger players have had to step up with their leadership. Brown said that there are a lot of juniors and sophomores who have helped out with leadership roles for the team.  

One may wonder how good the team is going to be in the future, and Brown said that it’s a really strong program and it will probably 
be good in the future. She also said that the sky is the limit for this team.

Expect to see this team make some noise when the playoffs roll around. For a team that has one loss, and sitting atop the number one seed in conference, it would be fair to say that this team is going to go far in the playoffs. 

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