Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cardinals in training

By Candice Norrell
Co-Sports Editor

The Future Cardinals knew how to pump the crowd up during halftime at the men’s basketball game against the St. John Johnnies on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Assistant Coach Jack Nelson, with the help of Eustace “Boots” Kesseh, led the local kindergarten through sixth grade boys in a series of basketball skills, much to the crowd’s delight.

“They are so cute!” said one spectator.

“The Future Cardinals are so much fun to watch,” said Sarah Kay (’07). “The basketball staff does a great job with the kids.”

Both the boys’ and girls’ Future Cardinals clinics started last year, said men’s head coach Mike Trewick, meeting four times throughout the semester to learn proper shooting, passing and ball-handling fundamentals.

“The boys’ clinic is run by my assistant coaches, Nigel Jenkins and Jack Nelson,” Trewick said. “I’m just there to have fun with the kids.”

Jenkins said, “This program gives us a chance to work with young kids who enjoy the game of basketball. Our hope is that they work hard enough to be able to become a Cardinal after high school.”

“Another reason for this clinic was to get our basketball program out in the community,” Trewick said. “All of our players work with the kids every week, and the kids perform at two of our home games at halftime.”

“We really enjoy this,” Jenkins said of working with the kids. “The first year we had 65 [participants] and this year we have about 75.”

Both the boys’ and girls’ clinics performed at two halftime games. The boys performed on Dec. 1 and 5; the girls performed on Nov. 16 and Dec. 5.

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