Thursday, December 6, 2007

New bar to be named on 3rd street

By Nadia Effendi
Guest Writer

The doors of Stingers Bar and Lounge have been closed since June 29, 2007, but with new ownership, a complete makeover, and a new name, the lot will not be vacant much longer.

The front of the building now reads “Bullseye Beer Hall,” the bar’s name previous to Stingers.

“We just took the Stingers sign down and that’s what was underneath,” said Nathan Schott, part owner and operator. “We wanted to see what people would say.” The original idea was to rename the bar “Caponz,” but the owners will soon be going in front of the Winona City Council to apply for a liquor license under a new, top-secret name. “Not even my close friends know what it’s going to be called,” said Schott.

With construction underway, the plan is to transform the bar far from the look of its predecessors. “We had ideas that I think would be important and beneficial to the area and will show them something different. We want it to have a pub/tavern feel,” said Schott.

The owners hope to have the bar open for the New Year’s deadline. “There is a lot of work to do,” said Schott. “We are not just going to flash a coat of paint and open the doors. We are going to do it right.”

Among the changes planned are a new, dressed-up exterior, more seating, better service, and a place where “you can come lounge during the day or stay all night,” said Schott. The bar will not have a DJ or live music but it will have a small menu, and food will be served daily until 10 p.m.

Despite sharing the same ownership as Schydes, the two bars will be completely separate. Applications will be taken after Thanksgiving for positions in bartending, bouncing, and cocktail waitressing. The owners have high expectations for the bar. “It will be a great asset to the downtown day- and night-life of Winona, cosmetically and socially,” said Schott.

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