Thursday, December 6, 2007

Students visit new Chicago Blackhawks President

By Sean O’Brien
News Editor

The Public Relations and Business Club, along with Nikki Fennern’s Sports Management class, visited the United Center and new Chicago Blackhawks President/CEO John McDonough on Nov. 28 for an interesting look inside the business side of professional sports.

McDonough previously was president and senior Vice President for Marketing of the Chicago Cubs.

McDonough, a Saint Mary’s University graduate, shared his success story and gave advice for interviewing for potential jobs after college. He also gave students tips on what the working world was like and what to expect in the professional sports industry as well as throughout the business world. He even gave some uplifting advice for the non-4.0 student.

PR/Business club President Chris Kellen said, “John was a great speaker and very motivating. He let everyone know that even if your grades are not all that great, as long as you show up and are ready to do the work, you can succeed.”

The trip also included a tour of the United Center facilities. Overall, Kellen said the trip was educational and fun, giving the students a rewarding experience. “Learning [McDonough’s] story and asking him questions gave everyone some insight into what can be expected when we leave SMU and enter the job force,” said Kellen.

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