Thursday, December 6, 2007

The mocktail way

By Ellen Jordan
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s University students celebrated the holiday season at the annual Mocktail Party held Dec. 4. Students didn’t have to be carded upon entering; all beverages were non-alcoholic.

Sponsored by the Health Advocates, this year marks the second anniversary for the formal affair that helps raise awareness about the effects of alcohol use.

Senior Health Advocate Laura Eggert said, “The main purpose of the event is to get students together to give them a program that they can enjoy themselves at, but also to make it an informational program to inform students about the dangers of binge drinking and the consequences that are related to that.”

A formal cocktail party is not a typical college scene. “We wanted the event to be in a setting where people normally might be drinking and where these consequences may arise. Modeling it after a cocktail party gives it the relaxed environment, but also one where alcohol could be involved and excessive drinking may occur. Placing people in an environment that the facts relate to makes it easier to connect the two ideas,” said Eggert.

Each year the event highlights a different aspect of the negative effects of alcohol.

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