Monday, May 9, 2011

Senior Art Show on display

By Trisha Stachowski
Cardinal Staff

Part two of the Senior Art Show is currently on display in the Lillian Davis Hogan Gallery.

Senior art majors Rachel Sievers and Cody Harvey are two students who have work on display.

For Sievers, a graphic design major with an emphasis on photography, her interest in art began in high school.

She explained, “Discovering the dark room and being able to develop my own photos was an amazing experience and technique that helped me to find my love for photography.”

Sievers said finishing her artwork was a long process, but there was a reward in seeing her art hanging in the gallery.

According to Sievers, she started to prepare for the art show the first week of the fall semester and worked up to the show itself.

Sievers stated, “I think the student art show is a great way to end four amazing and crazy years of learning, experimenting, designing and finding your inner creativity.”

Harvey, also a graphic design major, was always interested in media art, animation and film. Harvey explained that preparing for the final show was his most memorable art experience at SMU.

According to Harvey, “not only do you get to show off what you are good at, you get your name put out there for potential jobs.”

Harvey said that he was both nervous and excited to have his artwork displayed in the gallery. To Harvey, the Senior Art Show gives SMU seniors who are not necessarily art majors the chance to showcase their talents and express themselves creatively.

Part two of the Senior Art Show, “Through the Lashes,” is currently on display in the Lillian Davis Hogan gallery in Toner Center. The artwork will be up until May 8.

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