Monday, May 9, 2011

Streeflands reflect on time together

By Kassondra Burtis
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s University has been called “home” by many siblings in its almost 100 years, and one of those sibling duos is a familiar name to many in the Saint Mary’s University community today – the Streeflands.

Lynn is a current co-director of Campus Ministry and Dan is a senior theology major. Both Lynn and Dan believe that having a sibling that is also a part of the Saint Mary’s community has been a great experience.

“My sister and I have been able to grow closer as siblings and have been able to enjoy many of the same experiences,” Dan said.

“For us, we are sharing some of the same experiences rather than just sharing the stories about the experiences,” Lynn added.

One of those experiences Dan mentioned was the T.E.C. – Together Encountering Christ – Retreats.

“Working closely together on T.E.C. 63 will forever be one of my fondest memories with her,” Dan said. “It has also been nice to have a family member that is always there to help out.”

Lynn and Dan have two more siblings who are between them in age, both of whom also attended SMU. Dan sees this as a positive experience that many students aren’t fortunate to be a part of.

“Not only having a sibling present during the majority of my college experience, but also having other siblings that have attended the university before me has allowed my experiences to be relatable,” Dan said. “We are able to share stories of college experiences.”

“I’ve been at SMU with both Bryan and Dan,” Lynn said. “During these times, we make an effort to have brother-sister dinners…the purpose was to spend time with each other and be there for one another.”

Lynn and Dan’s overall experiences at Saint Mary’s have been great ones that have been made even better by having someone as close as a sibling to share it with.

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