Monday, May 9, 2011

Student Life Awards given

By Emily Dee
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s campus recognized seniors Hilary Ethan and Sean Ohl as the 2011 Outstanding Seniors, as well as other individuals in the SMU community for Student Life awards, according to Chris Kendall, vice president of student life.

The women finalists for Outstanding Senior were: Hilary Ethen, Jennifer Koezly, Ali Kremer, Libby Perkins and Sami Traxler. The male finalists were: Santiago Escobar, Lukas Holland, Benton Kodet, Sean Ohl, Dan Streefland and Ryan Wockenfus. Kendall said six finalists were selected for the men’s side due to a tie for the fifth spot.

According to Kendall, members of a committee selected finalists from the first round of votes from students, faculty and staff who submitted candidates’ names.

Kendall said finalists wrote an essay based on the following questions: What has an SMU education done for you? What have you done for SMU? How have you supported the mission of the university?

Students, faculty and staff voted a second time, and the committee determined the winners according to their essays, GPAs, the amount of votes and co-curricular involvement, according to Kendall.

Ethan and Ohl were chosen as Outstanding Seniors during the Founder’s Day ceremony on April 5 and will speak at graduation on May 14.

For Student Life Awards, Kendall said recipients were chosen on non-academic based criteria, unlike those recognized at the Senior Honors Banquet. Recipients of the Student Life Awards are recognized for making a significant impact on student life at SMU through co-curricular honors and accomplishments.

Kendall said Dr. Marilyn Frost, Ph.D., vice president for academic affairs, received the Brother Finbar McMullen Award. This award is given to the individual who unselfishly meets the needs of the students.

Dan Streefland, senior, was awarded the Winona Community Service Award and Santiago Escobar, junior, received the Brother James Miller Award, according to Kendall.

Other awards included were: Charlene “Char” Tjaden Outstanding Resident Assistant Award, Club and Organization Advisor of the Year, Organization of the Year, Intramural Official of the Year, Volunteer of the Year Award, Outstanding Student Senator of the Year Award, and Student Service Award.

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