Monday, May 9, 2011

SMU history will not be a mystery

By Becca Sandager
News Editor

Saint Mary’s University Class of 2011 has announced the creation of the “Heritage Project” as its senior class gift to the university. The “Heritage Project” includes a chronological mural design of SMU’s 100 years of history that will include pictures and inserts from significant SMU historical events, including a picture of the 2011 senior class.

“Currently, our campus displays almost no history about Saint Mary’s, but thanks to the class of 2011, the rich history of SMU will be proudly displayed for all students, faculty, and alumni to see and learn,” said Senior Gift Committee member, Ben Eirikson.

The “Heritage Project” will be designed by graphic design professor Brother Rod Robertson, and will measure approximately 25 x 10 feet. The mural is proposed to be located along an inside wall of the Toner Center and be in place by May 2012, just in time for the SMU Centennial celebration.

“The timing for the Heritage Project is ideal with the Centennial right around the corner,” said Eirikson. “It is a project the Class of 2011 can be proud of for years to come.”

Senior Gift Committee members have been asking for pledge commitments from the senior class to help fund the “Heritage Project.” Pledge payments do not need to be made immediately and can be done over a span of three years. Payments may also be deferred for seniors who are attending graduate school or long-term volunteering.

“I hope all seniors will pledge money to this project, which ensures SMU’s history will no longer be a mystery to the current, past and future SMU community,” said Eirikson. “The ‘Heritage Project’ is something the entire SMU community can be proud of.”

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