Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beckman: Practice courtesy when arriving late

By Samantha Kleese
Cardinal Staff

It is not unusual for college students to arrive late to class, but actions need to be taken if the problem becomes a repeated pattern, according to mass communications professor Dean Beckman.

Beckman said that arriving late to class does not affect the learning environment as long as the student is not consistently tardy. It may also be disrespectful if the student fails to take others into account by being loud when entering late, Beckman said.

Beckman said if students do happen to be late, they should still show up to class but be respectful to the professor and students who came on time.

Students who are consistently late may be risking their grade in the class, said Beckman. In his classes, if a student comes in fairly late, he does not count that student present, as he takes attendance at the beginning of class.

If it becomes an ongoing problem, Beckman suggested that the professor have a conversation with the student about time management and organization. “The student needs to find a solution with the professor.”

Beckman’s policy doesn’t differentiate between class times. “Students know their class times and must plan accordingly. If a class starts at 7:45, get to bed early.”

Freshman Sandy Sahl, who agrees with Beckman, said, “It is your responsibility to be on time. And you are paying to take the class, so you should be there.”

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