Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oldie Moldie All-Stars conclude Blue Angel show

By Matt Wagner
Cardinal Staff

The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity has a long-standing tradition of putting on musical shows Gaslight and Blue Angel. As the Oldie-Moldie All-Stars concluded all three Blue Angel performances, the group of Phi Mu Alpha brothers displayed how they can put on a performance.

“It is amazing to perform for so many people,” said sophomore Miles Dunna, a vocalist for the All-Stars. “I am absolutely terrified of being up on stage and performing, but the people I am doing it for really drives me to sing.”

The All-Stars have been around for over 30 years and have always been exclusively associated with the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity at Saint Mary’s University. Sporting white tuxedos, the group plays Blue Angel, Gaslight and different events and causes around Winona.

“I think the tuxedos have been around longer than we have been alive,” said Dunna. “It is a fun group to be a part of.”

Senior Matt Polum is the leader of the All-Stars with three years of experience in the group.

“I sing, I help with fine tuning things, and I basically lead practices in order to make sure we get stuff done,” said Polum. “We started rehearsing for some of the songs before our first show which was Family Weekend, so we had prepared for the Blue Angel show quite a bit. The show went [really well] and we are already looking forward to Gaslight.”

The group performed for all three Blue Angel shows, singing tunes such as Superstitions, Rock Around the Clock, Brown Eyed Girl and Devil with the Blue Dress. The All-Stars even received encore chants after each performance.

“It was pretty cool getting an encore,” said Polum. “It shows that the crowd really does want to hear us. To know that we have the ability to make people dance and have a good time is really exhilarating.”

The Oldie Moldie All-Stars will be performing at Gaslight in the spring, so watch out for the dedicated group of talented musicians known for putting on a great show.

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