Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leaving early for break? Let professors know

By Kassondra Burtis
News Editor

Many students have at least considered leaving early for a break and skipping a class or two.

But students often think more about what they would do with an extra day off and less about the consequences of skipping class.

“Just like students talk about teachers, teachers will grouse sometimes about it being the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas break and only having two-thirds of [a] class [present],” said Dr. Steve Schild, professor of mass communication.

For Schild, hard work and communication is important.

“If someone has generally done the work and showed up and stayed in touch with me, I normally won’t holler about [leaving early],” Schild said.

Schild and some other professors don’t take attendance daily, but he said he still notices when a student tends to skip class often.

“I do notice who comes and who doesn’t,” Schild said. “I might be a little put out if someone’s leaving early when they miss class a lot as it is.”

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