Thursday, November 17, 2011

SMU students take part in TEC retreat

By Jenna Capelle
Cardinal Staff

The Hiawatha Valley Together Encountering Christ (TEC) Retreat is being held at the Alverna Center Nov. 18-20.

Throughout the weekend, students have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Christ by participating in small group discussions, music, games and talks given by peers, said Lynn Streefland, co-director of campus ministry at SMU.

However, not all of the retreat activities are revealed beforehand. There are memorable surprises and powerful moments planned for the three days of the retreat.

Streefland enjoys watching the participants grow in their faith during the TEC retreat.

“You can be who you are, whatever place you are in with your faith,” said Streefland.

Seniors Megan Linder and Danny Spiess are serving as co-leaders of a team of students from SMU who are assisting with the retreat.

In preparing for the retreat, Linder and Spiess picked team members and created agendas for meetings, among many other responsibilities.

“I love the atmosphere of TEC and getting to know new people,” said Linder.

Linder made TEC her freshman year at SMU and has worked the retreats every year since. “TEC has helped me find my place at SMU,” she said.

The next H.V. TEC retreat will take place Feb. 3-5, 2012. For more information about TEC retreats, visit the Office of Campus Ministry in the basement of the Toner Student Center.

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